Help me with camera suggestions.

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Help me with camera suggestions.

Post  esorbo5 on Mon Jul 21, 2008 9:43 am

I have a point and shoot canon powershot A620 and it has done it's job for over two years...but I'm feeling the need to move up...
Question is do I go Canon, Nikon or Pentax
I have a Pentax slr 35mm zx 30 with a 28-200mm lens...I would like to be able to use that lense if possible in a new DSLR...but don't even know where to start!

Also I have been thinking of just upgrading my point and shoot...I love Canon and always seem to end up buying a canon point and shoot...consumer reports listed some best picks in the point and shoot...also some models in SLR category.

Here's a couple of pics from my point and shoot of my youngest daughter...I know I could get better detail with a SLR...but I'm to lazy to develop film shots anymore!!!

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Re: Help me with camera suggestions.

Post  mawson on Mon Jul 21, 2008 10:33 am

All of the brands you listed will serve you well. I don't know about pentax, but with Canons you can use any lens and it will work on one of their entry level DSLRs. It may be true for pentax so you may wish to do some research. I went from a Pentax to Canon. The reason? Well, Pentax wasn't in the DSLR business when I bought my first SLR. (theirs came out a few months later, though) I switched to Canon and am happy. My pentax film camera did an amazing job though!
If I were you I'd go to a camera store and feel all your options before choosing. For me, it was the 30d. (which I've worn out) It is a heavier camera and I prefer it. Plus it had a few other features the Rebels did not have at the time.
Have fun and enjoy! Great pics by the way. She is a cutie!

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