IS this a good deal??

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IS this a good deal??

Post  twinsplusone on Fri Jun 13, 2008 6:02 pm

I've been planning on getting a Nikon but I saw this deal on Craigslist...wondering if it's worth it???

For sale is a awesome digital camera package. The camera & accessories are used but only 6 months old. There is well over $1000 of camera equipment here. Here is what you’ll receive:

Canon Digital Rebel Xti 10.1 megapixel digital camera with 18-55mm lens attached. Camera has a nice 2.5” LCD display as well as several other features. (manual for camera will be included)

Digipower battery grip

Canon EF 75-300mm lens (f/4-5.6 III)

Bower 0.42X Professional Super Wide Angle Lens w/ Macro

4GB memory card for camera

2 rechargable litium ion batteries w/ plug-in charger

Sunpak DigiFlash 2800 External Flash

Lens hoods for both the 18-55mm & 75-300mm lenses

4 different filters – 58mm UV Haze Filter, plus 3 Neutral Density Filters (0.3, 0.6, & 0.9)

Wireless Remote for camera


Canon Camera backpack to hold the camera & all of its accessories

Lens cleaning fluid with wipe

I’ll also include a cleaning kit used to clean the camera’s sensor which I cleaned regularly.

Asking $850 OBO for entire package. I have all original boxes for the camera & lenses. Drop me a line if you’re interested. Thanks for looking!


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Re: IS this a good deal??

Post  mawson on Fri Jun 13, 2008 6:42 pm

it is a nice little camera. New it'd cost around 680 with the kit (18-55 ) lens.
SO lets see what else you'll be getting:
battery grip. Looks like this is not canon's version. Personally, I don't have a grip. (grip will make it heavier, look more "professional" and gives you longer battery power, as there will be 2 batteries in th grip. I haven't found I needded a battery grip. My 30d (and yes, 30 d is different from the xti)has an awesome battery life. I don't use flash, so my one battery easily lasts well over 2000 pics. I took over 3,500 a few weekends ago and my battery did not die. (I don't look at my LCD screen often either) If you think you'll be taking over 1000 pics and dont want to change batteries, a grip is a good choice. (I say 1000 becasue I am pretty sure the Xti can take 1000 pics on one battery charge)
The canon zoom lens retails for under 200 unless it is the IS version and if it was, the seller would have mentioned it! It is a good lens, not a great one imo, but useful for outdoor shots. My friend almost bought it, did a lot of research and instead went with a Tamron 28-300 as it got better reviews.
Bower 0.42X Professional Super Wide Angle Lens w/ Macro Never heard of it. Usually lenses have a different super wide angles 2.0 lens....never heard of 0.42X.

4gb card. 4gbs cost under 40 bucks new.

2 rechargeable batteries. Are they canon or a 3rd party maker? Canon's will run aobut 50 each or more.

sunpak external flash. I'd go with Canon's speedlight, either the 430 or 580ex. Canon's cheapest version costs at least 250. The sunpak would be less.

Lens hoods. Canon's cost between 20-30 bucks usually.

filters. UV haze reduces haze in landscapes, neutral density filters are good for landscapes and smooths the transition between foreground/background, plus can make a sunset/sunrise even more impressive) One of the filters is good for bright sunlight conditions as it limits the amount of light going into the lens. Filters range from 8 bucks and up. (most between 15 and 30)

Wireless remote. definitely useful for long shutter exposures and BULB setting. Plus if you want to get into the picture too! I think Canon's cost around 70.

Tripod. Useful. Depending on the brand, expensive or inexpensive.

Canon Backpack. Again, useful. I don't like backpacks advertising my camera's brand. Seems like an easy target to be stolen. But still, a nice bag.

Lens cleaning, wipes. A few bucks.

Cleaning kit for sensor... just be careful if you use it. (it can be tricky)

So all in all, a good set up. Not my ideal, as I'd definitely want an IS zoom lens, and a speedlight for the flash. But for the price, and if you will use all the extra goodies, it'd be good.
I would definitely ask how many photos were taken with the camera. There is a life expectancy on the shutter. (it can be replaced for about 200) And ask WHY they are selling after only 6 months.


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