Having a hard time choosing! Tons of questions!

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Having a hard time choosing! Tons of questions!

Post  khennager1019 on Tue Jun 10, 2008 4:38 am

Hey everyone! I'm new to the whole forum (which is FANTASTIC, btw) and I was wondering if I could get a big of help!

I'm looking to purchase a dSLR - I want one that can be put on autofocus, but also that I can take off AF and figure out how to learn on my own.

I've been looking at getting either the Canon Rebel xti, or a Nikon - either D40 or D80. Now, I've had two Canon point and shoots and I've loved them! So, that has me leaning towards another Canon. What can I say? I'm a loyal customer.

But, here's my predicament - I am going to the American Idol tour in July. Embarassed I'm going to be in the 3rd section on the floor, row 30. I'm looking for a camera that I can get pretty decent shots with. What kind of lens should I get to get that kind of effect? Do I have to get one that works with Autofocus? This is what I've been looking at on Ebay:


Is buying from a seller like this a good thing? Or am I asking for trouble?

Any information you can give would be very, very appreciated!



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Re: Having a hard time choosing! Tons of questions!

Post  mawson on Tue Jun 10, 2008 6:48 am

Congrats on making the dslr decision. I think either the Nikon or the Canon rebel would suit your needs. I bet they both can be manually focused and used in manual settings or auto. (I am a canon gal so I don't know much about Nikons except they are excellent too)
As for the lens in the link you posted, I don't know much about sigma, but the widest aperture stated was 4. That is not ideal for low light conditions. Now, most concerts can have very bright stage lights, so you may be just fine with it. I've shot at concerts and when I could not get super close I've used my canon IS 75-300 lens and it has been fine. I've used it with and without the speedlight. (speedlight seemed to help if I was close enough to the stage) I've also used my 50mm 1.8 and bumped my ISO to 1600. (I've a canon 30d, and it does REALLY WELL at high ISOs. I've heard the XTi doesn't fare as well) So, I just can't tell you since I don't know your lighting conditions and if they allow flash. (and your pop up flash most likely won't help, you'll need to rent a speedlight if you want to use flash)
So....all that to say, I can't really tell you. There are so many variables. I do think that whatever you have will be fine if you shoot a lot. I'd put it in AV mode, to your widest F-stop, bump up the ISO, Put it on continuous shooting and just shoot hundreds and hundreds of pics. I can practicallly guarantee you'll get at least a few good ones.
Hope someone else can help.

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