Photography abbreviations

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Photography abbreviations

Post  rohape on Wed Jan 21, 2009 10:00 pm

Talked to someone today and abbreviations was brought up. I thought this might be a valuable thread/sticky.
I'll start it off with some I can think of off the top of my head and can add some more later tonight.
As more are added I'll update this first post so no one has to search so much. As it gets longer I'll alphabetize it. These will not contain definition's, search on the site for more info or google. If you feel it's post worthy, post it. What better way to learn yourself than posting your understanding. Very Happy

PP - Post Processing (photoshop)
PS - PhotoShop
DOF - Depth of Field
ISO - International Standards Organization
PSP - PaintShop Pro
EXIF - EXchangeable Image file Format
EV - Exposure Value
HDR - High Dynamic Range
IS - Image Stabilization
WB - White Balance
DNG - Adobe Digital NeGative
ACR - Adobe Camera RAW

Wow, a lot shorter than I thought it would be. Very Happy
More to come.

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