Just can't shake it

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Just can't shake it

Post  TIG on Sat Sep 06, 2008 4:25 am

I know you're probably all sick of hearing me talk about the drunk driving accident that killed a local girl. Soph knew the boy driving. She said she is so angry with him, for driving drunk, for killing the girl, and for throwing away his life like that, too. She said in class he was super smart and insightful.

Anyhow, I logged in to Soph's MySpace to see what her friends were thinking about it, and I am thrown for a loop by kids, I guess. One girl who was very close to the girl who died, and also the boy (same crowd, you know) has a picture of the boy up on her page with a letter about how she forgives him, even though she hurts losing her friend, because she knows he did not mean to do it, that it was an accident. The boy was driving DRUNK, and from the looks of it, going at least 100 mph when he lost control of the car. Maybe this girl is a better Christian than I am, or maybe she's dumb. I can't decide.

Another girl's profile says she enjoys the occasional drink. Again, WOW. One of your best friends was just killed in a drunk driving accident, and you're going to continue the underage drinking...? And you'll have that on your page when you know the police are investigating to see how the kids got the alcohol?? Shocked

And THEN I see, in her comments section, a note from the deceased girl's sometime-boyfriend, who knew her password, and has gone in and changed her myspace page around. He said he did it so it could be a memorial, without people being distracted by what she had and said on her page, and so her parents could look and see the memorial stuff without having to see what the deceased girl was doing on her MySpace. OK, first... did they not look before? And what WAS she doing? And do these kids REALLY think that because they have their pages set to "private" that the police and others cannot access them...?
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Re: Just can't shake it

Post  ilo on Sat Sep 06, 2008 5:46 am

Thats terrible! I remember few years back where I lived there was drunk driving accident involving 5 boys 16-18 years old. Few of them passed out and the driver had the best luck but still needed lot of medical attention. I was professionally in contact with some of their family. I'm sure that the kids are in still in shock and that's why they are writing those things.


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